Kenya White of Memphis left school to earn money so she may return to her studies. Photo by Clint Confehr
By Clint Confehr
MEMPHIS, TN — A 23-year-old “born and raised” city resident has taken time off from school to earn money to go back to college.
However, it’s because of earlier school field trips “a couple times during elementary and a couple during high school” that Kenya White learned about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his philosophy of praceful resistance.
So, White’s visited the National Civil Rights Musrum in the Lorraine Motrl at least five times, “maybe more, but I remember every bit. I know the whole tour like the back of my hand,” she said.
White recognizes there’s been progress in the Civil Rights movement, but not enough for her daily life as she experiences prejudice.
“It happens to me every day with certain looks and attitudes from certain people,” White said.
Dr. King “was a remarkable man who changed Memphis,” she said Tuesday night.
During her “year off from college to get money” to go back to school, White said she’s trying to decide when to return to class; “whether it’s in the summer or in the fall.”
White wants to be a physical therapy assistant, she said.

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