Frank D. Reeves Center of Municipal Affairs in Washington DC

WASHINGTON, DC — Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser signed a letter of intent to move the NAACP into the Frank D. Reeves Center of Municipal Affairs.

“Washington, DC, sits at the epicenter of change,” Derrick Johnson, NAACP president and CEO said in a news release.

Derrick Johnson
NAACP president/CEO

“This exceptional opportunity to bring our national headquarters to DC will allow us to be even more proactive in serving the Black community, and confronting the serious challenges facing the nation.”

Johnson said the move to the nation’s capital will help the organization amplify Black voices as it fights for “crucial policy changes and economic empowerment needed in communities across the country.”

“The symbolism of the Association headquartered in a city of the south that tore families apart during slavery, but later became a place of [emancipation] and hope for so many is incomparable,” Scott said in a statement. “Baltimore has always been and continues to be a city on the frontlines of civil rights. It is my hope that we do not run away from our history, but continue to build upon it.”

“The Reeves Center stands in an iconic and culturally significant area of the U Street corridor with deep connections to the NAACP,” Bowser said in a release. “As we continue fighting for change and working to build a more fair and just nation, we look forward to welcoming this iconic civil rights organization to Washington, DC.”