NAACP Nashville President Sheryl Guinn at Tuesday’s press conference. Nashville NAACP asked for a federal investigation of the shooting death of Deangelo Knox by Nathan Glass who is now an MNPD officer.

Nashville–The Nashville Branch of the NAACP is asking federal authorities to investigate October 2, 2018 death of 25-year-old Deangelo Knox as a hate crime.

During a press conference on Tuesday, NAACP Nashville President Sheryl Guinn said Knox, an African American man, was running away from three gunmen near the intersection of McFerrin Ave. and West Eastland Ave. in East Nashville. As he was running away from the gunmen and pass the Pharmacy Burger, the male white Pharmacy Burger security guard, Nathan Glass, opened the Pharmacy Burger door and for no justifiable reason, stood in the doorway and shot Mr. Knox in the back of the head.

Guinn said shortly after Assistant District Attorney Pamela Anderson made the decision to not prosecute Glass, the Metro Nashville Police Department hired Glass as a Police Officer.

“He now operates under the authority of a badge, he carries a gun, and he patrols the streets of Nashville Davidson County,” Guinn said.

NAACP officials say video footage shows Knox never pointed a gun in the direction Glass.

“Due to the unjustifiable and malicious nature of the shooting of this young African American man, coupled with Mr. Glass’ racist social media posts, we are asking the Federal Government to do what Assistant District Attorney Pamela Anderson refused to do and investigate and prosecute this as a Hate Crime,” Guinn said. “We are also requesting that the Office of Professional Accountability for the Metro Nashville Police Department and the Community Oversight Board investigate the hiring of Nathan Glass as a police officer and determine if there were any violations, cover-ups, or other wrong-doing involved during the hiring process.”