Innovative faith-based organization, National Increase Peace Foundation, announces plans for a screening tour of “I Forgive,” an inspirational movie about forgiveness and triumph over tragedy

Dr. Tony Davis, a renowned gospel recording artist, author, advocate against gang-violence, and founder of the “National Increase Peace Foundation”, is taking a giant step towards sharing a powerful message of Forgiveness with the rest of the world as Bridgestone distribution releases his film entitled I Forgive, which is an inspirational Faith-based film. In a related development, the screening tour for the movie is set to commence in January 2023, as Dr. Davis shares this life changing message.

The movie industry continues to evolve as creatives across different categories use their ingenuity to tell interesting and captivating stories to their audience. However, Dr. Davis of the National Increase Peace Foundation seeks to use the big screens as a tool to inspire millions of people in the United States and other parts of the world with the release of I Forgive.

I Forgive was created to pass a message of forgiveness while encouraging and inspiring viewers, especially those contemplating embracing a gang lifestyle to rethink. The movie chronicles the experiences of the main character, Tony Davis, and how the philanthropist unknowingly became a target in an ongoing gang war. It narrates his miraculous encounter with God to seek divine healing after he was shot and left for dead.

Directed by Erran Booker and Donre Walker, the movie stars talented acts, such as Academy Award winner Lou Gossett Jr as ‘the voice of God” guiding Tony through the most challenging times in his life, Tony and Chris is portrayed by Monte James and Shanae Humphrey.

Dr. Davis and his team are scheduling media interviews and movie screening events across the country to engage with audiences regarding his death experience and the miraculous healing of his leg and voice through forgiveness. Dr. Davis and his team are also seeking potential opportunity to partner with churches or organizations to screen his faith-based film that’s already impacting and changing lives already just from the first 4 screenings that recently took place in California, Mississippi, Alabama, and Memphis TN., Now moving forward in 2023 Dr. Davis and his team are continuing to impact lives as they continue the tour as they also work on writing the scripts for the next two new film projects scheduled to follow.

To learn more about I Forgive and the upcoming movie screening tour, visit – The trailer to “I Forgive” click here >>>