Bloomkins Publishing just released a new book entitled, My Grandfather’s Book: A Hard Time to Remember. The book is available on 

Native Nashvillian, Rosita Baines Lee honors her grandfather’s wish to publish his book 29 years after his death.  Her grandfather (Rev. John C. Hunt, Sr.) was born in 1900, and his book chronicles the changes he witnessed growing up in Brentwood, TN during the early 1900’s.  The book reflects back on a simpler time, when things were harder, but people were much more appreciative of what little they did have.   

The book also includes old-time health remedies an accompanying Southern Comfort style cookbook from Lee’s grandmother’s (Rev. Hunt’s wife’s) recipes, called Geneva’s Kitchen, as well as some genealogy records (old marriage licenses, photos and census reports from early 1900’s).  

This book was a silent promise that one granddaughter made to her grandfather to share his voice, and was a gift to her family and others.

To keep the book as unaltered from its original manuscript, Lee used in-line edits/translations in her grandfather’s book to not alter the writing from what was originally written.  The book also includes photocopies of some pages of her grandfather’s original handwritten manuscript. Also includes a poem and sermon written by The Reverend Hunt.   

The book is an interesting look back in time, and a journey the reader will want to take.

The book has an overarching theme of gratitude, hope and choosing to find laughter and happiness regardless of your circumstances.   

Rosita Baines Lee is a native of Nashville, TN and graduate of Tennessee State University. Lee is a former chief information security officer for one of the largest state agencies in North Carolina.  She now works as an Information Security Consultant in North Carolina. Lee is also an artist, photographer, and nature and travel enthusiast.   Lee is the daughter of author and former syndicated advice columnist, Gwendolyn Baines.  Lee is following in her mother’s footsteps with her debut book.

The book’s Contributor Rev. John Celesta Hunt, Sr. was born just before the turn of the 20th century in 1900 in Brentwood, TN.   He was one of seven children and overcame polio as a child, and didn’t walk until he was three years old.  

He was called to ministry at an early age.  He became a Baptist minister, pastoring his own church for many years. He was naturally gifted in mathematics and carpentry,  and was a devoted husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.  

During his lifetime he saw many changes, and often told his children and grandchildren how different things were when he was a boy and growing up. His book, A Hard Time to Remember, documents that time period in his own words. 

The Rev. Hunt passed away in July 1990, at the age of 89.