Musician and fillmaker Cindy Goldberg

By Tribune Staff

The barriers and biases against women instrumentalists are slowly being destroyed. But there are many unaware that there are gifted women playing all sorts of instruments, and in particular a lot of talented women drummers. Musician and filmmaker Cindy Goldberg, a musician for over 40 years, decided to do her part too dispel the myths around percussion and women. The result is the documentary “Beat Keepers: Women With Rhythm!” It will be screened Saturday at the downtown Nashville Public Library, and features a host of women drummers both nationwide and across Canada. Many of them also juggle other occupations while pursuing their love of music.

Goldberg told the website that her inspiration for creating the film came from not seeing many women drummers during her travels and concerts. “I’ve been a musician for over 40 years,,” Goldberg told them back in July. I only took up drumming four years ago. I fell in love with it right away. I quickly learned there were relatively few female drummers on the scene. I decided I wanted to meet them and hear their stories. 

In 2017, I decided to create a short documentary about local female drummers. The film was well received and people suggested I created a longer film, centering on many more drummers from across Canada and the United States.”

Goldberg, a Canadian, teamed with a film company from Bogota, Colombia whose main editor is also a musician. The process also put her in touch with a host of artists she had not previously met and/or heard.

“I want to keep abreast of all the emerging and established women drummers in my film,” Goldberg continued. “I’ve learned something from all of them.” There are many renowned women drummers in the movie, including Ramon Yslas, Walfredo Reyes Jr, Todd Sucherman, Jared Falk, Dan Shinder, Pat Bautz, Roy Nichol and Jason Gianni. They’re all my heroes!”

“Beat Keepers: Women With Rhythm!” is a free event and hosted by both Nashville Women in Film and Television and the Nashville Public Library, 615 Church Street. It gets underway at 6 p.m, Seating is limited, so it’s suggested people RSVP at There will also be a reception with music by the Noise Queens and a Q&A afterwards with the film makers. Other presenting or supporting sponsors include The Tennessee Entertainment Commission, Film-Com, FilmNashville Foundation, The Tennessee Entertainment Alliance, and The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum.