Gigi Gaskins the owner of hatWRKS in TN is
A disgusting profile in anti-Semitic insanity.
Racist Gigi is profiting from the Holocaust,
Because Gigi is a nut job whose brain is lost!
Selling yellow stars saying “Not Vaccinated”
Should be a new reason to be incarcerated.

Put Gigi in a straitjacket in her padded cell,
For the rest of her life until she goes to Hell.
6 million Jews died because of this hate!
Tennessee, don’t let Gigi define your state!
Anti-Semitism is a crutch for low-IQ fools,
Just like Gigi Gaskins – so hateful and cruel.
GOP Gigi will probably run for office in 2022,
Since the Republican Party is home to fools.

Hating Jews & medical science & vaccines,
Stupid psycho idiot Marjorie Taylor Greene
Is the new crazy Queen of the GOP it seems.
But that’s OK, as a partisan Democrat, I say.
GOP Nazi dunces make my job easy all day!
Instead of wearing a yellow star, you freaks,
Wear your dunce caps instead appropriately.
Gigi, go sit in the corner & wear a dunce cap
With a patch that says “Gigi Smokes Crack”.


Jake Pickering
 Arcata, CA, USA