By Logan Langlois 

NASHVILLE, TN — Whether it’s modifying custom orders or selling one of their own original clothing lines, Prolific Hands works every day to measure up to their ambitious title. They do this through the execution of their slogan “What’s your artsy?” The ‘artsy’ that itself is the product of “imagination plus experience,” something Prolific Hands are positive they can help their clients achieve.  

Anthony Jackson, right, selling merch and sharing a laugh with two eager customers. Photo by Logan Langlois

Since opening, Prolific Hands has been working toward assisting its clients in helping them design the original merchandise they know their customers deserve. Recently the owner and operator of the esteemed clothing company, Anthony Jackson, went into detail regarding the process that takes place when his business receives a new client. During this time, Jackson said he typically feels out how complete an idea the client has and tries to replicate the image that is in his client’s mind. 

On the occasion the client comes to him without a clear idea for their product, Jackson said it’s not a problem. He explained how part of what his company offers is developing ideas and designs with their clients until they come to a product that they are happy with. “Even if you don’t think you have imagination, we like to help you build your design, your ideas, help you develop it, and then once you get an idea for it, we take it the rest of the way,” Jackson said while explaining what a typical client meeting could look like.  

“And then we bring it to whatever meeting you want … And we go ‘Hey look, I thought you said you didn’t have any imagination!?’”  

The original clothing merch that Prolific Hands offers includes separate brands for two different kinds of fans. The first brand, Gamer Over, focuses on witty apparel geared towards those within video game culture, with much of the merch representing the offbeat sarcastic sense of humor that inhabits many gaming circles. 

The second, Sub VS Dub, is a brand founded on a comedic spin on a hot debate that’s been taking place with the American anime community over decades. The debate is between fans who prefer dubbed anime, for ease of understanding, and those who love subbed anime, out of preference to watch the art in its original form. In playing along with the brand’s comedic premise, merch is sold playfully poking fun at the other side of the argument to both sides of the debate. Such playfully teasing products include a shirt with the word “Sub” crossed out with the phrase “If I Wanted To Read My Anime, I Would Buy The Manga” brandished across the top and bottom. Another shirt, this time on the Sub side, counterarguing, “If you don’t read subtitles then you’re not a real anime fan.”  

Jackson says that conventions have been amazing in regard to business exposure, especially in comparison to when he previously tried to get his name out. When he started Prolific Hands, Jackson explained that it only made sense to him to initially enter himself into a series of art crawls around Nashville and Tennessee, only to receive very limited exposure under long, uncomfortable hours. It wasn’t until he attended the first convention that he saw the high potential of anime and comic conventions in promoting his craft—Both of which have proven to be very profitable.

Prolific Hands is currently celebrating Juneteenth with clothes on sale and designed to celebrate the holiday year-round.  

Prolific Hands can be followed at their website as well as their Instagram and Tik Tok @iamprolifichands.