JACKSON, MS. – Sept. 2, 2022 – The Regions Foundation, an Alabama based nonprofit initiative funded primarily by Regions Bank, on Friday announced a $25,000 grant to the United Way of the Capital Area in support of the Jackson Water Crisis Relief Fund. In addition, Regions Bank announced a range of special bank services to assist customers in the area who are directly impacted by the crisis.

Disaster Relief

The $25,000 grant to the United Way of the Capital Area will focus on short-term relief and long-term recovery needs for people and businesses affected by recent flooding that impacted the main water treatment facility in Jackson, Mississippi, causing a multiday water outage and leaving the community without a reliable water source.

“United Way and its agency partners are doing incredible work as they rapidly respond to urgent needs due to the water crisis in Metro Jackson and Central Mississippi,” said Marta Self, executive director of the Regions Foundation. “Additional needs will develop as our communities continue to face challenges with obtaining a sufficient water supply, and the Regions Foundation will be there to support the ongoing work.”

Robert Leard, Metro Jackson market executive for Regions Bank, said the bank worked quickly to support impacted residents with disaster-recovery financial services. In addition, one of the most valuable ways the bank and foundation will make a difference, he said, is by coming together to address broader community needs.

“We are committed to serving and supporting the people and businesses in Metro Jackson and all of Mississippi currently struggling with the lack of reliable and safe water,” added Leard. “During times like this, it is especially important for us to pull together and ensure that resources are available to those who need them most. We hope that this $25,000 grant from the Regions Foundation to the United Way of the Capital Area will make a meaningful difference for people and families as we pull through this challenging time together.”

Special Bank Services:

The disaster-recovery financial services offered by Regions Bank in impacted areas1 are available for a limited time starting September 2, 2022. Areas covered by these services may be expanded to include additional communities based on ongoing damage assessments. Among those services:

  • No check-cashing fees will be charged for FEMA-issued checks when cashed in a Regions branch.2
  • Payment deferrals for credit card holders may be available based on individual circumstances.3
  • Personal and business loan payment assistance may be available based on individual circumstances.3
  • Regions fees will be waived when Regions’ customers use other banks’ ATMs in the impacted areas for at least 7 days beginning September 2, 2022. (Note: Fees charged by other banks or ATM owners may still apply.)
  • Regions ATM fees charged to customers of other banks using Regions ATMs will be waived for at least 7 days beginning September 2, 2022 (Note: Fees charged by other banks or ATM owners may still apply).
  • Business loan payment deferrals of up to 90 days may be available based on individual circumstances.3
  • One penalty-free CD withdrawal is available upon request (unless within seven days of issuance or renewal).
  • An interest rate discount of 0.50% is available through December 1, 2022, on new personal unsecured loans when customers apply in a branch or by phone.4
  • Check www.regions.com/MSWaterCrisis for an updated list of areas where these offers are available as damage assessments continue.

Here for You:

In addition to the above disaster-recovery services, Regions Bank teams can be contacted at the following numbers for customized guidance on a range of lending products, including:

  • Mortgages, home equity loans and lines: 1-800-748-9498
  • Other consumer loans: 1-866-298-1113
  • Any other banking needs: 1-800-411-9393