President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Photo courtesy of

By Rosetta Miller-Perry

There’s a segment of the mainstream press that has always been an enemy of Black people, social justice and economic progress. These media types are headed by the Rupert Murdoch empire that includes Fox News, the New York Post and the editorial division of the Wall Street Journal. These are the people who daily distort, ridicule and often lie about the mental acuity of President Joe Biden and the competence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

This crew is now busy trying to create a fissure between President Biden and Vice President Harris over old revelations contained in a new book that’s become the talk of Washington. The book titled “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden and the Battle for America’s Future” by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns includes some details that were well-known at the time, but have long since been forgotten: that Biden’s wife Jill didn’t want Harris to be his VP.

However, according to Fox News and its cronies, this represents evidence that Biden and Harris don’t get along. Of course when asked about it, Jill Biden dismissed it and with good reason. She has already responded once to the issue, when the book “Battle for the Soul: Inside The Democrats’ Campaign to defeat Trump” by Edward-Isaac Dovere in 2021 disclosed harsh words she had about Harris for her attacks on her husband during the campaign. “That was two years ago,” Jill Biden told a reporter last year. “We’ve moved on from that.”

Here’s the real reason this garbage is being brought up now. That same book details the fact House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were both very upset with then President Donald Trump over his role in the January 6 attempted coup by right-wing flacks, white supremacists, thugs and Trump loyalists. McCarthy even said at the time he thought Trump should resign. When the story first broke, McCarthy tried to claim he didn’t say it. After a tape documented his words, he claimed “they were taken out of context.”

The Republican Party is dominated by an incompetent egomaniac who just this week was found in civil contempt by the state of New York for refusing to disclose and present fiscal documents in the ongoing investigation of his affairs and New York company. It’s a travesty that someone who’s been under investigation for the last two years and also has multiple allegations of sexual misconduct still lingering in various jurisdictions can run for anything, let alone serve as a kingmaker in various state primaries.

But much of the GOP acts like a cult in the service of lord and master Donald Trump. The Murdoch media empire is willing to act as the house organ for Trump, and do anything it can to take attention away from the fact their leader tried to orchestrate a coup to overturn a legal election.

So while they try to invent a fake controversy, the Tribune asks where is their coverage of real news stories and actual evidence of misconduct? President Biden and Vice President Harris engaged in a vigorous campaign, then came together to share a vision for the nation’s good.

Anyone remember when George Bush called Ronald Reagan’s monetary and fiscal polices “voodoo economics” during a debate? That didn’t stop Reagan from later making him his vice presidential running mate. Opponents say harsh things during campaigns, then unite later against a common enemy.

So ignore the reactionary media types drumming up a fake controversy while they turn a blind eye to the continued misconduct of America’s lastest cult leader Donald Trump.