SABRE is offering one college student $ 15,000 dollars to raise awareness and advocate for campus safety. One of the leading brands in campus safety, and the leading pepper spray brand used by police officers and students alike worldwide, is using this national scholarship as an opportunity to give back to their top consumers- college students and parents of college students. This is the companies first time awarding this scholarship and the ‘Safe is smart scholarship sweepstakes’ will be given out for this upcoming fall academic school year.

“We have a variety of products that we sell from motion sensors for dorms that alert students if someone’s there without permission, both dog attack and bear attack spray for whether you’re walking down the street or hiking. We have alarms for runners with LED lights so people can see them at night equipped with an alarm where the sound travels well over a couple yards when hit and can scare off potential threats,” CEO of SABRE, David Nance said.

Nearly 10,000 students are getting robbed or assaulted annually and data shows that 1 out of 5 female students get sexually assaulted according to campus safety statistics.  SABRE is working to spread awareness while their products are there to serve and protect this population of young adults. More than forty years in the personal safety market SABRE is hoping that this scholarship opportunity will encourage students to pay more attention while getting a chance to receive scholarship funds to put toward their education.  The sweepstakes will be open from July 1rst to September 1rst, announcing the winner the first week of September.

“The fact that our brand is used by police officers globally just shows the quality of our products, Nashville Police Department has been a valued customer of SABRE pepper spray for 15 years,” CEO Nance said, “but ultimately the goal is we want to keep college kids safe, we want to keep them alert and aware of their surroundings, but ultimately the goal is again to keep them safe and September 6th will be the day the lucky winner is announced.”

The scholarship is open to all incoming freshman and students enrolled in a secondary education institution. In order to apply you must watch a campus protection video that also covers the latest in personal protection at this website:

SABRE is encouraging students to follow these safety tips both on and off campus.


  • Before unpacking their boxes, students should check out what free safe ride or walking services are offered by the campus.
  • Students should take a safety seminar or attend a self-defense class. Many colleges offer them free or for credit, and the techniques and strategies can be lifesaving.
  • For students moving from dorms to apartments, a personal alarm provides portable security. SABRE offers many compact options as well as a Dorm/Apartment Kit for keeping personal belongings safe.
  • Prepare themselves with pepper sprays and gels—one of the most effective ways to deter or distract an attacker, and permitted on most campuses. SABRE has the most potent and reliable options on the market.
  • Stick together—there is safety in numbers, so stay close to friends when going out or coming home late from parties.



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