“That sounds familiar,” seems to be the exact words of many Americans Monday evening. Yesterday marked the start of the Republican National Convention, This event, like always sparks a lot of attention and press as Republicans gather to support and witness the Republican nominee formally accept candidacy for president.

This year’s convention is taking place in Cleveland, Ohio. The RNC has already caused plenty of controversy with protesters and people in disagreement with Donald Trump. Aside from that, the speech from his wife, Melania Trump, was highly anticipated.

Comparison of both speeches.

After the speech took place, social media exploded. All over the internet were speculations that Melania Trump had plagiarized First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech from the Democratic National Convention in 2008. After listening to the two speeches at the same time, shocking similarities are evident.

Although the evidence is clear, the Trump campaign denies that Trump’s speech was plagiarized. Whether the Trump campaign denies allegations or not, it is up to America to make the judgments. Did Melania Trump plagiarize the First Lady?