NASHVILLE, TN — Senior homeowners who are eligible for property tax relief can sign up at the Bordeaux Library on January 11th from 11 am to 2 pm.

Normally taxpayers must travel downtown to the Trustee’s office. However Metro Trustee

Parker Toler arranged to make enrolling more convenient for area property owners by setting up the Saturday sign-up. Bordeaux Hills Association president Ruby Baker coordinated the event and sent out notices, texts, and post cards to reach as many property owners as possible.

Toler said he’s concerned that rising property values can make it difficult for older people to afford paying their tax bill. “I want to do whatever we can to help taxpayers stay in their homes.”

There are two kinds of tax relief programs available to older homeowners and totally disabled people of any age. The property owner must live in their home.

The programs are:

Tax Freeze—a program for those 65 and older with incomes below $42,620. It locks in the amount of your current tax bill.

Tax Relief—a program for those 65 and older with incomes below $29,860. Property owners will get a waiver to pay lower taxes.

Disabled Veterans or their survivors may also qualify for tax relief if approved by the Veteran’s Administration.

First-time applicants for any of these programs must sign-up in person. They need to bring documents to prove they meet the income and age restrictions, including 2018 tax returns or

2018 bank statements, a Drivers license, and Medicare card. Proof of residence is also needed such as a Voters’ Registration card or utility bill.

Homeowners can call 615-862-6330 to make sure they bring the right paperwork.

The Metro Trustee’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. It’s located at 700 2nd Ave. South on the second floor.

Saturday sign-up events will be held each week until the tax payment deadline of February 29th.