Xernona Clayton

Atlanta (TN Tribune)—The City Council of Atlanta, by ordinance, has approved the erection of a statue of Ms. Xernona Clayton.

The statue will be crafted by world-renowned sculptor, Ed Dwight of Denver, Colorado.

The statue will be located in the heart of the city as approved by the City Council and serve as a special reminder of the invaluable contributions Ms. Clayton has made to the city, the state, and the nation.

For over 60 years, Ms. Xernona Clayton has helped fight the dragons of prejudice for all of her years, working arduously with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

She has been a leader in many civic projects, fighting for a fair and equitable society. We are indebted to a major donor who volunteered to contribute the initial expense for the creation of the statue. Additional funds are needed for the statue’s completion and installation.

All of the financial contributions for this enduring legacy project will also include the maintenance of the statue and park area. We are inviting you to share in this historic project by becoming a sponsor. Donors will receive special recognition at the unveiling ceremony, the unveiling luncheon and be given credit in all of the printed materials surrounding the magnanimous occasion