Shame on Tennessee. Here Are The States Where Covid-19 Vaccine Refusal Is Still The Highest, Poll Finds—Including Ones Where Cases Have Surged

Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–The poll, conducted July 24 – August 23 among an average of 3,334 adults per state, found the state with the highest share of residents who say they won’t get the vaccine is South Dakota, with 33% of residents refusing the vaccine, followed by Idaho (32%) and Alaska (29%).

Rounding out the top 10 most vaccine-resistant states are Oklahoma (29%), Mississippi (26%), West Virginia (26%), Alabama (26%), Montana (25%), Missouri (25%) and Tennessee (25%).
Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Missouri all showed high rates of refusal in spite of Covid-19 outbreaks in those states this summer that have ranked among the worst in the world, and West Virginia and Alaska are also currently in the top 10 states for number of Covid-19 cases per capita.