The Tennessee Tribune Endorses Joseph R. Biden for President of the United States, Marquita Bradshaw for Senate, and Jim Cooper for U.S. House

He is the Most Qualified Candidate Ever to run for office.

Joe Biden’s service as a U.S. Senator and a Vice President has given him unparalleled experience priming him for the most powerful elected office in the world.

Everything Biden has done throughout his entire career proves that he will make a great Commander-in-Chief.




It is often said – Jim is the House’s conscience, a lonely voice for civility in this ugly era, and a  moderate who influences bipartisanship on fiscal matters and other issues in a historic polarized political climate. He is known for his work on the federal budget, health care, and government reform.

The Tribune insists that this term Jim must focus finally on Nashville and bring millions of dollars to this city as Steve Cohn has done for Memphis.  The Tribune has always supported Jim Cooper, now we want Jim to support this city with major funding that has always been overlooked and is still available for Nashville in Congress and will benefit all Nashvillians.

Jim’s Blue Dog Coalition doesn’t benefit Blacks nor the poor in our district.   We kept Jim in Congress all these years and now it is time for Jim to take care of all of us.  We need major funding now in Nashville.


Marquita Bradshaw an activist is a proven leader who will fight for Tennesseans and will always fight tirelessly for criminal justice reform, equitable access to healthcare, a clean and safe environment and a public education system that serves all children.

She is a working-class woman and a single mom, and knows what it’s like when the government doesn’t work for you. She wants to change that.  She is asking voters to take a leap of faith in her and promises to never stop fighting to support and protect the hardworking people in Tennessee.