Democratic Party Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

Few elections have ever had a bigger disparity in candidacy fitness and suitability than the upcoming Presidential election. This nation has had eight years of a highly intelligent, level-headed and extremely competent individual leading it towards a more progressive future.

Now we have a contest in which one person represents a continuation of policies designed to benefit all people, and in particular those who’ve been historically denied economic opportunities and social justice. By contrast, another one embraces the forces of hatred and bigotry that have sought to keep people in fear and oppression.

Hillary Clinton’s qualifications for office are extensive. She’s been a First Lady, United States Senator and a Secretary of State. Meanwhile her opponent Donald Trump was building casinos and golf courses, and not even doing that particularly well as indicated by multiple bankruptcies and questionable business practices. He has never held any important, or even for that matter minor, offices at any level of government, local, regional or national.

Trump also has frequently engaged in an overtly racist campaign of ridicule against the President, openly questioning his citizenship until recently, when it became obvious to everyone that no remotely credible candidate could be deemed engaging in undisguised public bigotry. Certainly no one would argue that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have flaws. But unlike her opponent, she has acknowledged misuse of a private e-mail server and understands that any public official in possession of sensitive and quite possibly classified correspondence shouldn’t have placed themselves in an ethically questionable situation.

However that pales in comparison to someone who pretends not to know that he’s being endorsed by a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, and who has invited open rebellion and near incitement to riot at their campaign rallies. The Tennessee Tribune overwhelmingly endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

The next few years are far too important to entrust to someone who thinks ridiculing and objectifying women is funny, fails to repudiate noxious and dangerous racists, laughs about skirting tax laws, demeans people of color, and is generally unfit to hold any public office, certainly not the highest in the land.

Having a Donald Trump in charge of our nuclear arsenal would send a message to the rest of the world that the United States is willing to entrust its future in the hands of someone who can’t even keep their composure in a debate situation, let alone engage in the type of high-stakes negotiations that are commonplace among leaders of nations. We urge all our readers to get out to the polls election day and make history once again as Hillary Clinton becomes the nation’s first woman president.

It’s also time for Donald Trump to return back to the fantasy world of spectacle television from which he emerged. In other words, “you’re fired!”