By Cliff Pruitt

When discussing reparations for black people we must remember they were a very spiritual and cohesive group, who were purposely subjugated. Their homeland was invaded and colonized for free labor, valuable resources, good weather, foul sex; and 600 Million African people were killed! Their governing bodies, cultures, and families were divided and conquered. Their native names, languages, and customs were deposed. Their autonomy and sovereignty were taken, and they lived in fear of being captured. They have social, economic, physiological, and emotional trauma, and they were treated worse than animals during colonialism, middle passage, slavery, and segregation.

The lingering effects of those long evil eras of attacks, intrusion, and oppression, have black people living with Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), a debilitating mental disorder. They have no racial order, and no tools for group protection. They have been prevented from a quality education, including a proper knowledge of self, and they were restricted from areas, voting, and having their own land. {{Others still abuse and diminish blacks for mere inquiries, and they have no recourse, after others assault and harm their persons or group. Black people are in great need of a power base, an economic foundation, and strong representation, AARS offers}}! I could write a thousand pages about that damage endured, but it is better to focus on the AARS plan for immediate redress.
So, we thank the AB 3121 task force efforts, but they should cease and desist, because more studies will cause more confusion, delays, and corruption. We produced AARS after more than 40 years of research, to reunite the global black family, repair vast damage, and get them on the right path for recovery and progress. AARS is way past studies and proposals, and is a valid comprehensive plan. Blacks and others should discuss AARS, to learn the assets, benefits, and values for everyone.

AARS calls for the government and all the guilty groups who enslaved and murdered blacks, for hundreds and thousands of years, and benefited from exploiting black people, to grant them land, to get away from racism and police terrorism, to build their own elite & safe cities, at home and abroad, and to resume having peace, and control of their lives. Blacks will also be able to generate their own reparations wealth with AARS, so there is no need to continue trying to create schemes to limit blacks who will qualify for reparations, while eliminating most blacks from qualifying!!
All black people will receive benefits from AARS redress, because all blacks suffer in depression, due to crimes against humanity! With AARS blacks get their own land, emergency monetary relief, and processes, programs, and services to repair the global black family, back to the peaceful and progressive status they were in, prior to colonialism and slavery. AARS also offers a truth and reconciliation process to facilitate better race relations, among and with all nations and races. {{We cannot continue to let jews belittle, persecute, and punish black people for asking about the past}}!!
We offer the Kwanzaa Reparations Project (KRP), as a reading task for everyone 18 and older in America and on earth; to read, discuss, and evaluate AARS. The KRP is reading all 5 docs on the homepage at The first 4 docs describe buried Black History, the AAIU, and Kwanzaa, AARS is the last doc on the homepage. We should read AARS over the weekend, to prepare for national and global dialogue, so we read and discuss AARS from now until 2-1-23. Then demand AARS all during Black History Month!! That will inspire all governing bodies and power groups, to accept and ratify AARS starting on 3-1-23 to benefit all black folks & all others!!