By Thomas Sheffield

One of the main components of the Green New Deal is the Economic Bill of Rights.  The Green New Deal is a four part program designed to move America into a secure and sustainable future.  President Roosevelt proposed a New Deal to bring America out of the Great Depression.  With another recession on the horizon, the New Green Deal is considered by some as a way to provide relief and create an economy that makes our communities healthy and sustainable.  

The Economic Bill of Rights (EBR) is made up of 7 basic ideals.  1. Every American has the  right to employment through a full employment program.  2. The right to a living wage, safe workplace and union organization. 3. The right to quality health care achieved through a single payer Medicare for all program.  4. The right to a tuition free, quality, federally funded, locally controlled public education system from pre-school through college (Student loan debt would also be forgiven). 5. Everyone has the right to affordable, decent housing. 6. We all have the right to accessible and affordable utilities and transportation.  7. The right to fair taxation that is distributed in proportion to the ability to pay.

These elements may seem a little far fetched.  However, the foundation of many of these ideas already exist, in spite of the current administration’s attempt to dismantle many of the programs that support the greater good.  

We should not disagree about the basic rights or what I consider basic rights.  There is no way, in the richest country in the history of the world, should anyone who works 40 hours per week, not be able to handle their basic needs.  We all deserve a living wage and access to quality health care.  I do not think we should disagree about high quality public education.  We should all agree in the right to have affordable decent housing especially for our veterans.  We should all agree to having access to affordable electricity, phone and internet services as well as safe efficient public transportation.  We surely can find common ground when it comes to taxation.  The working class should not have to pay more taxes than corporations due to tax breaks and loopholes.  

Excuse me if I am wrong.  I believe each American should have access to these things regardless of what you look like or where you live.  The challenge is how do we get there.  Americans have the propensity to resist any change, even if it is positive change.  It is in our DNA.  Americans resisted Britain rule, some resisted freeing slaves, many resisted the civil rights movement and healthcare reform.  Resistance is even duplicated in our favorite movies as Luke Skywalker lead the Jedi to resist against the evil Empire.  We now take pride in the resistance movement against the current occupant in the White House.  Let’s take it further and show resistance with elements found in the New Green Deal.  

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