Rev. Enoch Fuzz

NASHVILLE, TN — The community has likely heard about the illness of local pastor the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, of the Corinthian Church. Pastor Fuzz was admitted to Metro Nashville General Hospital (MNGH) on Monday, May 4 with difficulty breathing. He’s tested negative for COVID -19 twice

 First diagnosed with pneumonia and the flu, Pastor Fuzz is currently being treated for cancer.  “I’m gonna be okay,” said Fuzz. “I’m receiving the best medical care from one of the most devoted doctors at General Hospital, Dr. Rachel Thomas.”

Nashville General Hospital is the original community hospital in Nashville.  Even as Nashville’s growth has skyrocketed, the hospital still betters the overall health of the city with every patient cared for. NGH is noted as being a partner on the path to long-term wellness.  It’s mission statement says that “it’s proven chronic care model is designed to keep people healthier at home and in their communities, reducing the amount of in-patient visits with a level of compassion and professionalism that renews your faith in the hospital experience,” according to their mission.

Fuzz is a noted community activist and organizer with a successful record of connecting individuals and organizations for a plethora of “whatever the cause may be.”  Rev. Fuzz is often a liaison between the media and the actions of the community. Prior to his illness, Rev. Fuzz was working with the distribution of food boxes and other needs of families affected by the storms and helping where he can by organizing and assisting the needs of people connected to the Coronavirus epidemic. Rev. Fuzz has also been an active board member of the Nashville General Hospital Foundation for over 15 years and supports the work of this hospital whole-heartedly.  He said, “It is a Tennessee treasure and a Nashville gold mine,” he said. There have been a number of inquiries into Rev. Fuzz’s illness.  “Pastor Fuzz has prayed a thousand prayers over the people of Nashville and countless others while being a good and faithful servant and has touched thousands of lives for the better,” said long-time friend Judge Lynda Jones.  These are sentiments expressed by many who now are praying for his healing.  From Bordeaux to Brentwood, people of all races and religious beliefs are coming together to pray on behalf of Rev. Fuzz, who has been a conduit for so many in the Nashville community.  Through OneNashville’s bi-monthly community connection meetings, founded by Rev. Fuzz, many people have supported the efforts of the various organizations represented.  Nick Beres of News Channel 5 says, “My friend tells me he is thankful for all the thoughts and prayers. He said he’s gonna be okay, and I want to wish him all the best.”

Fuzz is confidently being treated by the best doctors and in the best possible place, for his recovery.  Reverend Fuzz says, “I have faith in the skills, compassion and knowledge of Dr. Rachel Thomas for my healthcare. The most important thing right now are prayers for my doctors to diagnose exactly what’s going on in my body and come up with a plan of attack.”  Supporters are asked to continue to pray for Pastor Fuzz as he remains in the hospital where he said, “I’m getting the best medical care.”  Yet, during this pandemic, no visitors are allowed into the hospital, which makes this time more difficult for all patients during their hospital stay. Pastor Fuzz says, “This experience has allowed me to see, first-hand, the priceless services provided by our city-owned hospital.  I believe my illness has become a timely reminder for many that Nashville General Hospital is a key part of the fabric of our community.  I am convinced more than ever before that the hospital’s future must be cemented in specific plans for a new facility.  I am calling up key community leadership to step forward now to make that happen.”

Pastor Fuzz continues to encourage people to be tested for Covid-19 and to continue to take precautions associated with this disease and with their overall health. Food deliveries through NGH’s Food Pharmacy are still possible by texting a name, address, zip and phone number to 615-626-0773 or email at