What could you have done by now?  Do you feel as if you have been wasting time?  Have you been spinning your wheels trying to figure out how you could better your situation?  What can we do for a sustainable future?  Well there is no time like the present.  Nothing can stop us from being where we need to be.  It is time for people in our community to look at trends for the future that will bring a stable and sustainable future for our families.  We must reach our potential because we owe this to our children.  Here are three ways you can stop wasting time and prepare for tomorrow.

First, find out how you can work toward home ownership.  There are some things we just can’t control.  One thing we can control is how we spend our money.  It is time to stop throwing your money away toward renting and look for ways to purchase a home.  Dedicate yourself to increasing your credit score to 700 or higher.  You will be amazed at what doors can and will open for you when you have great credit.  Once your credit is acceptable, you should look to invest in real estate.  Low minority home ownership rates are a result of decades of discriminatory housing policies and market conditions have disproportionately affected people of color.  We must reverse this trend.  There are programs available to assist you with obtaining a home.  Contact your local CDC for help.

Secondly, we must be willing to invest time in education.  Some believe college is not for everyone.  I agree.  However, education is for everybody.  There are programs available to help you or your family members to learn a new skill.  There is nothing wrong with becoming a plumber, landscaper, mason, electrician or auto mechanic.  These are respectable jobs where people make a very comfortable living.  These jobs are sustainable and make a huge contribution to society.  Those interested in learning to code, there are classes available to get what you need to make that happen.

Finally, take advantage of all things available to you as an American citizen.  By this I mean, get a license, register to vote, and be ready to act.  Get a license to carry a fire arm and legally purchase a gun.  It is your right and if enough people of color are licensed to carry, the government will enact effective gun laws.  Register to vote to amplify your voice in your community.  Be prepared to vote for change in 2018.  The people of color flexed their muscles and were able to elect Doug Jones to the US Senate in Alabama.  This must be done all over the nation with urgency.  One vote counts.  Make sure yours is one that does.  Great things can and will happen in 2018 and a year from now, we will not reflect on 2018 as a waste.  Lets get busy.

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