Renard Brown

Nashville, Tennessee – Renard Brown, a longtime Springhill and Murfreesboro firefighter, created an apparel line in 2020 to thank first responders and encourage them during the pandemic.

Firefighter Brown believed that the pandemic and unrest across the U.S. was becoming a cloud over the hardworking people saving lives every day. He created his clothing line, Off Duty Apparel, for men and women in emergency services (Fire, Police, Military, EMS, Nurses, Dispatchers, etc).

The brand’s motto is  “We’re Never Off Duty”, because even though their shift has ended, their minds and thoughts are still geared to serve, protect and save a life in a moment’s notice, Brown said.

Brown’s mission is to convey the passion first responders have for their job. By closely relating his product to the chosen branch of emergency services, Brown hopes to create unity among the branches by uniquely placing either their line of duty band color, color, or script on the clothing to represent the branch they serve—effectively creating brother/sisterhood of those who risk their lives, time and energy to save others.