Donald Trump is unfit to be the President of the United States. He is also unfit for a few other jobs that I can think of, and without disparaging anyone’s professions, I’ll just leave it at that (you be the judge). I don’t want to name call, but it is essential that I am honest and by describing his character does not mean that I am calling this pitiful, small, and hateful man anything other than what he projects about himself by his own words and actions.

Rodney Beard
Rodney Beard

For instance, if I refer to Donald Dump as the Deplorable in Chief, it’s not name calling, but just simply referencing him for what he is, based upon the definition of what deplorable means according to the dictionary which is defined as; “very bad in a way that causes shock, fear, or disgust: deserving to be deplored.” This describes Dump to a tee, just that he is worse than that. I mean, who would disagree that he is the most appalling and shocking presidential candidate in history, in addition to his shocking and dreadful presentations? Who would disagree with the fact that he is an awful and shameful role model, or that his positions on everything is execrable from the wall to how he treats women, immigrants, minorities, and his twisted religious beliefs (he is NOT a Christian)? How can he be a Christian and has never repented or asked God for forgiveness for his sins (which means that he has no clue about what Christianity is)?
Is it not deplorable that he loves Putin and hates President Obama, or that he would eliminate so much of what has already made America great such as the Departments of Education and Environmental Protection? It is deplorable to even think about walking away from NATO and the many allies that we have decades long relationships with that are important to world peace and the strength of the most powerful nation on the planet, which is the U.S. (in case you don’t know).
Dump is the worst nominee ever to represent any political office in history, being one who embraces the KKK and its deplorable leader, is the biggest thing ever on hateful Fox N0-News Network, Brietbart News Network, the alt-right hate movement, and Alex Jones as the most “despicable” in that basket full of awful “deplorables.” Dump has the longest list of unpardonable hate comments towards Latino/Hispanics, African Americans, women, Muslims, and who knows all the others because he is the biggest bigot ever to seek office, as well. Maybe he could be called The Bigot in Chief.
Is it not a dreadful thing to witness this narcissist and draft dodger demean a real war hero who was captured in Viet Nam and could have been released, yet chose to not leave his fellow comrades behind and suffer for five years when he did not have to, only be referred to as a loser by a bona fide coward?
These honest and fair questions could go on and on and the answers are all the same. Donald Chump is a disgrace to democracy, and an embarrassment to this country in the eyes of the world, and so are those who follow him, especially Black, Latinos, and women who stand with him. But the worst of his worst came out last week in the tape of him disrespecting women in the most vile and disgusting manner ever of any candidate along with Billy Bush, who is Jeb and George’s cousin, on that bus.
And let’s certainly not forget his attack of the beauty queen and the lies he told about her having a sex tape. But the lowest he has gone so far (and he’s not done yet) is the attack on Hillary Clinton during the debate Sunday night for things her husband did, while his actions trumps Bill’s because Dumps sexual assaults and bragging about his abuse of women have been a daily part of all of his life, all of his contemptible life, even while his poor wife was pregnant with his own child.
When is enough going to be enough? If we don’t VOTE for Hillary and the blue down ticket, we deserve what we get.

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