Dear Editor: 

Don’t be just another right-wing racist Republikkkan Trumptard who has been completely brainwashed by pro-Putin, anti-choice Fox “News” and by listening to partisan GOP hate radio decade-after-decade of your bungled, backasswards Baby Boomer life. Try reading a book, or at least using your brain!

      Clueless “cancel culture” conservatives angrily insist that anyone who dislikes their deranged, demonic crackpot cult leader Donald Trump should be silenced and censored, and for some inexplicable reason Republicans almost always clumsily attempt to mislabel Democrats as “Marxist”, when it’s the GOP’s greedy old pervert Trump who clearly loves repressive communist regimes.

      The Rapepublican Party’s delusional, defeated former Putin puppet president is notorious for waxing poetically about how enthralled (and apparently romantically involved) he was with North Korean communist monarch Kim Jong-un.  That’s right, traitor Trump has a moronic man crush on the very same Maoist monster Kim Jong-un who continually threatens to wipe the Hawaiian Islands and the West Coast off the map with nuclear weapons!  Will the Russian-controlled Republican Party support that insanity too?

    Speaking of nukes and numbskulls, then there’s dimwitted Donald Trump’s true love KGB Count Dracula Vlad “the Impaler” Putin, traitor Trump’s one-and-only long-term Leningrad lover.  These two lying losers Trump & Putin are perfect for each other!  Maybe those two pathetic peas-in-a-pod can bunk together in a prison cell, after Vladimir Putin is put on trial for war crimes and genocide in Ukraine and Donald Trump is tried for treason and pandemicide by way of malign neglect during the COVID-19 catastrophe that has taken the lives of over 1 million Americans.

    Donald Trump is a disgrace.  Lock him up!


                                        Jake Pickering