By Thomas Sheffield

We are living in a time, where we are being told by the leadership of this country, the truth we know is now a lie.  What was said was not heard, and what we saw was not seen.  We are told our enemies are not our allies and our allies are now our enemies.   We were told a tax cut will spur growth and all is well with the economy in spite of stagnant wages an a growing U.S. debt.  We have also been told our top scientist are wrong and humans are not contributing the acceleration of the warming planet.  The truth ain’t the truth so our leaders cannot be held accountable for their actions.  In spite of this, many from all over the country are demanding that our business and political leaders be held accountable for their actions on the issue of climate change. 

In 2012, Donald Trump said climate change was nothing more than a hoax.  As president, his administration eliminated regulations put forth by the EPA and the Obama administration to protect the environment.  He has also pulled the nation out of the Paris agreement, froze grants for research and imposed a gag order on scientists in the EPA regarding the dissemination of their research findings.  These actions have led to the March for Science that is held on Earth Day.  

On September 8, 2018, there will be another chance for you to join a worldwide protest.  After months of organizing and movement-bulding, the People’s Climate Movement will bring tens of thousands of people across the nation into the streets, town halls and community forums.  Nashville will also host a gathering that encourages people to come forward to press the policy and business leaders to commit to fighting climate change by building a world that puts people and justice before profits.  People in the African-American community should make their voices heard and should demand a seat at the table regarding this issue.  Climate change effects minorities, the poor and the elderly, more than any other group.  We cannot afford to sit back and let others represent our interest.  No one can speak for us better than we can.  

This years march is timed to be prior to the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit.  The group is calling for a transition to 100% clean and renewable energy for everyone.  It is past time to move away from fossil fuels in a fast, fair and just way.  The goal of the march is to encourage our leaders, let them know we demand action.  The truth is the truth, facts are facts and we must protect the earth and our future.  Many faith based, environmental, social justice and workers groups will be involved. The march is September 8th at 9:30 in Public Square downtown Nashville.   

Please visit for more information.  There will be a chance to register to vote during the event.

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