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CINCINNATI – The Charles E. Schell Foundation for Education, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee, has granted $1 million to colleges and universities to provide interest-free educational assistance loans to qualified students to aid them in securing an education. The Charles E. Schell Student Loan Programs are funded with grants in an amount of at least $100,000 and are subject to the Last Will and Testament of the late Charles Edson Schell. The dollars are designated for students who without the help of the funds would most likely not be able to attain an education.

The schools that have received funds are:

Educational Institution Amount Received
Central State University, Xenia, OH $200,000
The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Cincinnati, OH $200,000
Good Samaritan College, Cincinnati, OH $100,000
Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN $200,000
Wilberforce University, Xenia, OH $100,000
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH $200,000

Tennessee State University president Glenda Glover said that the university is appreciative of the collaboration with the Schell Foundation. “The funds will help our students stay in school, and will provide
a form of relief to those students whose families have been directly impacted by COVID-19 and the economic downturn we are currently experiencing.”

To learn more about the Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank, please click here.