Over a thousand strong, UT Knox football team and other athletes are joined by other students as they march in solidarity for social justice in support of Black Lives Matter. Photo by Knoxville Sentinel

By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — They gathered at the torch, one of the most  traditional spots on the University of Tennessee campus. Shirts and signs of all designs were everywhere. On this day all over the country , athletes and students on college campuses gathered to take a stand in support of Black Lives Matter. 

In Knoxville, they would not be alone and they would have the blessing of the university to march.

Football practice was cancelled by Head Football Coach Jeremy Pruitt as he and Athletic Director Philip Fulmer and the other coaches joined players representing every sport in a march across the campus in support of social justice for all. Students and community leaders also joined in as they stepped off at 12:30 pm heading down 17th Street and onto Cumberland Avenue.