To the Editor:

Is it a horrific war crime to use military force against white professed Christians, but a mere trifling mistake to attack dark-skinned Muslims? The huge contrast between the press coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Western-instigated regime change wars since 9-11 reeks of hypocrisy and outright racism.

How few Americans saw the nauseating pictures of the human flesh markets where black Africans were sold as chattel slaves in Libya after US airstrikes caused the overthrow and assassination of Qaddafi?

How about the anguish of Iraqi mothers watching their children die of cholera or dysentery after “shock and awe” knocked out the electricity and made water purification impossible? Or the Yemeni parents mourning their offspring killed by US weapons repeatedly deployed by Saudi Arabia on such strategic targets as hospitals and schools?

Ah, but when it comes to Russia and Ukraine, the tear-evoking narratives are not just reported, but also embellished, spun, and even plainly falsified so as to generate maximum outrage.

Ex-British Joint Forces Commander Sir Richard Barrons was revoltingly forthright in defending this gross disparity by despairing that “people who look and live like us” (!) are suffering. Catch the subtle drift?

The blatant double standard extends to policy making. Where was the international outcry for sanctions and other punishments after America turned Iraq into hell on earth based on completely false pretexts? What US official was ever disciplined in any way for this heinous crime?

Recently, Senator Lindsey Graham called for the assassination of President Putin.

This wild proclamation comes from a politician whose unwavering support for every invasion we’ve undertaken over two decades puts him up to his middle in other people’s blood.  Admittedly, race is not the only factor here.

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is the front end of a global geopolitical battle that has far more to do with the impending collapse of the Western financial system than with anything happening in Kyiv or Moscow. Still, compare the deafening denunciations of Russia’s move by Western media and political leaders  with the depraved indifference of these same folks to the far greater suffering and death resulting from the US-UK wars of the 21st Century.

The question screams out: do the lives of some people matter much more than others to them?

Sincerely, Doug Mallouk