NAACP Convention

The 111th NAACP National Convention begins September 13, 2020 at 6 p.m. and will be available to view online.

Social activists, industry leaders, and public servants will join thousands of NAACP members and supporters in making an action plan to improve, protect, and change communities.

The convention runs Sunday, September 13 through Saturday, September 26th and will include pivotal discussions focusing on the impacts of COVID-19, social justice, stabilizing economics, and education in communities.

The NAACP hopes mobilize voters across the country to go from protest to the polls.

Convention is open to all and complimentary to watch. Click the link below to view our dynamic events and join the conversations.

To watch live and add reminders to your calendar(Press ctrl and click on “click here”)


Sunday, Sept 13 ACT-SO Awards Ceremony Rebroadcast 4:00pm
Public Opening Address 6:00pm
Monday, Sept 14 Criminal Justice Conversation 6:00pm
Tuesday, Sept 15 Youth Conversation 7:00pm
Wednesday, Sept 16 Labor Conversation 6:00pm
Thursday, Sept 17 Health & Wealth Conversation 6:30pm
Friday, Sept 18 Where Do We Go From Here?: Part One 3:00pm
Where Do We Go From Here?: Part Two 4:00pm
All In: The Fight for Democracy 5:00pm
Monday, Sept 21 Youth Region 7 Meeting 6:00pm
Youth Region 3 Meeting 8:00pm
Tuesday, Sept 22 Youth Region 5 Meeting 6:30pm
Youth Region 1 Meeting 8:30pm
Region 7 Meeting 6:30pm
Region 3 Meeting 8:30pm
Wednesday, Sept 23 Youth Region 2 Meeting 7:00pm
Youth Region 6 Meeting 8:30pm
Region 5 Meeting 7:00pm
Region 1 Meeting 8:30pm
Thursday, Sept 24 Youth Region 4 Meeting 6:00pm
Region 2 Meeting 6:00pm
Region 4 Meeting 7:30pm
Region 6 Meeting 9:00pm
Saturday, Sept 26 Resolutions Plenary 10:00am