Joe Bond

By Staff Reports

NASHVILLE, TN — There is a groundswell movement to continue to push for Howard Jones to be elected State Senator for the 19th Senatorial District.

Joe Bond, a 45-year resident of the Bordeaux Community and a robust group of other men, women and youth, across racial lines, age groups and economic backgrounds  are working for Jones to continue to fight to win the Senate Seat.

Jones came in second in the Democratic election held in August.  However, this group feels the race is not over. They discovered there was another opportunity to go before the voters and this Movement has just grown.  Bond called Howard Jones and said, “Howard we can’t give up now, Together we can write in and we will win.  Bond asked Jones to become a write in candidate for State Senate District 19.  The stakes are too high and we need new leadership for District 19.”  Bond served as a little league football & baseball coach 4-year Vice President PTSO at Ewing Park Middle School and 4-year president  the PTSO at Whites Creek High School.  He says he loves all of his neighbors and former customers of Joes BBQ & Fish down through the years.

Jones was endorsed by State Senator Thelma Harper, who decided not to seek re-election for the seat she has held for nearly 30 years, The Tennessee Tribune and The Tennessean.

It was determined Jones had the experience, insight, commitment and passion for the community to bring a new approach to the State Senate, representing the 19th Senatorial District.

Bishop Ernest Matthews concurs, “I believe Howard Jones is the best candidate and I proudly invest my time and resources for him to be elected. I will proudly write in his name.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6 and voters in the 19th Senatorial District can write in the name Howard Jones for him to be elected. “We can still win, just write it in” said Bond.