An Extraction is a term used when you have a tooth or teeth removed from the bone, better known as having a tooth “Pulled.” Your natural teeth are ideal for chewing, biting, helping to maintain your facial contour, and help with speech and phonetics which is why dentist try to save teeth by restoring when possible instead of just “pulling it”.  Unfortunately, all teeth can’t be saved due to various reasons.   When you have permanent teeth extracted, one should think about tooth replacements to prevent other teeth from shifting.

Reasons Why Teeth are Extracted:

• Extensive decay where the tooth can’t be restored.

• Loss of bone support for teeth usually a result from Periodontal disease.

• Trauma from accident where the teeth have been broken and are not able to be restored.

• Orthodontist may request certain teeth to be extracted to correct malalignment issues.

• Financially just not able to afford the restorative treatment needed to save the tooth.

Tips to Remember after an Extraction

• If anesthesia was used, remember to wait until the numbness wears off before trying to eat.

• Take out any gauze that was left in your mouth once the bleeding stops.

• Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously nor drink with a straw for 24 hours.

• Don’t smoke nor drink alcohol for 24 hours.

• Brush and Floss all of your teeth, just not around the area where the tooth or teeth were extracted.

• Eat a soft diet for the 1st day and chew on the opposite side when possible.

• Remember to take the medicines according to your dentist if prescriptions were given.

After you have an extraction your dentist will give you specific instructions to follow.  Be sure to ask the dentist any questions you may have. Call your dentist if you have any abnormal bleeding and or swelling, severe pain that lasts longer than 2 days, because the extraction site may need to checked. Remember that the loss of a “baby tooth” is normal, but the loss of grown up teeth is what we want to circumvent.  I hope this Tooth Talk has helped to explain what an Extraction involves.  If you have additional questions please call my office or email me.; Integrity Dental Care, PLLC  (615) 445-8700.

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