Edgehill Apartments in Nashville, TN.

NASHVILLE, TN — One year ago this week, on August 27th, Glen Young, Jr. was caught by a stray bullet while visiting his ailing sister, a tenant of Edgehill Apartments. Police believe the bullet was fired as a result of an alleged fight over an illegal dice game held regularly at the Edgehill property. Edgehill Apartments is a concentrated, low-income housing project owned and maintained by Nashville’s Metro Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) and is notorious both for its high crime rate and the serious nature of those crimes. Tia Fitzpatrick-Young has hired Rocky McElhaney Law Firm to file a lawsuit against MDHA alleging the metro department failed to curb persistent criminal activities that led to the murder of her husband. 

Although life for most Edgehill community residents is bustling and harmonious, the experience for tenants of Edgehill Apartments is significantly darker and more dangerous. According to Nashville’s Metro Police Department, there were 106 crimes reported in and around the housing project during the last six months. Of those crimes, 36 were rated as serious with the majority being assault, burglary, and weapon-related violence. For such a small complex, the crime rate is extremely high and has been so for some time. 

MDHA was aware of the crime rate last year when Glen Young, Jr. visited his sister. Glen’s widow believes that MDHA failed to provide a safe environment for its tenants and their guests. She also believes that if MDHA doesn’t act, her family will not be the last to lose a loved one at Edgehill.   

In a bid for justice, Mrs. Fitzpatrick-Young has hired Rocky McElhaney Law Firm (RML). On her behalf, RML filed a complaint on Aug. 8, 2019 alleging MDHA was negligent in allowing a dangerous pocket of crime to exist at Edgehill Apartments. The complaint further argues that if MDHA had taken reasonable measures to curb the illegal activity, Glen Young, Jr. would still be alive. 

 “The folk at Edgehill may have less money than other Nashvillians, but that don’t make us less human. We just want a safe place to live where our kids don’t go to bed scared and our friends aren’t afraid to visit,” said an Edgehill Apartments tenant. 

Glen Young, Jr. was a valued employee of his local Kroger grocery store where he worked hard every day in the meat department to serve his customers and make an honest living. Described by friends as devoted to his family, he often visited his sister at her Edgehill apartment. Glen’s sister had special medical needs, and he frequently assisted with her care. Glen was shot in the chest by a stray bullet while standing in the doorway of his sister’s apartment. Glen died of the gunshot wound before reaching Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that place was at Edgehill Apartments.