The new 2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited has a lot of new amenities and features with plenty of bells and whistles that are all attention grabbers. But one of the main features that stands out the most is – lots of room. This new mid-size sedan couples best in-class front headroom and legroom with comfortable and accessible rear seating.  Step inside, and you’ll immediately sense the spaciousness. The interior feels light and airy, with a sleek design.  It has a lower profile and wider stance, combined with a modern cabin with state-of-the-art technology and safety. The standard 8˝display audio system features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for seamless access to smartphone apps. 

When the lights come on, you’ll know. Hidden lights integrate with the chrome trim for an inventive design that sets the tone for Sonata’s many sweeping enhancements. Sonata’s low hood extends to the edge of the car with no harsh cutlines. At the rear, ultra-wide taillights boldly emphasizes its ground-hugging stance. 

What if your phone could do the same things as your key fob, such as unlocking your car and starting the engine?  In addition to your key fob, you can now use your compatible smartphone to unlock the doors and start the engine. The latest version of this mid-size sedan is the first car in its class to offer a digital key. With it, your compatible Android phone unlocks the front doors and starts the engine. And if you have multiple drivers, each driver can be assigned a digital key that retrieves their personalized radio presets, instrument cluster display preferences, and side mirror/driver settings from the Hyundai Blue Link cloud. And the Rear Occupant Alert feature reminds you to check the backseat to make sure that a child or a pet isn’t being left behind.

Sonata’s low hood extends to the edge of the car with no harsh cutlines. At the rear, ultra-wide taillights boldly emphasize its ground-hugging stance. 

Inside, the Sonata is fully transformed but take the Sonata out to the streets and highways to experience a smooth ride with excellent safety features. When you put the right and left blinker on, not only does the side mirror indicator let you know if it’s safe to change lanes but there is also a side camera display that appears on the dashboard to indicate if the lane is safe for turning. 

Another standout feature about the car is the push button gear system to match the push button start. If parking’s a pet peeve, this car has the answer because drivers can Park at the push of a button. Getting in and out of tight spots just got so much easier. Just press a button on your Smart Key and Sonata can drive itself into a parking space, and pull out of one, too.

THE NUMBERS:  MSRP: From $33,500 – MPG: 27 city / 36 highway