NASHVILLE, TN — One of the many highlights of this year’s CMA Music Festival 2017 was the  HGTV Lodge. This was the sixth consecutive year the venue’s been a part of CMA Fest. It’s now become a popular stop-by venue for many of country music’ hottest stars. The 3,500-square-foot HGTV Lodge offered Festival-goers the Ultimate Country Music Fan Experience™, including live musical performances by popular artists Keith Urban, Darius Rucker and Maren Morris as well as special appearances by HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott (Property Brothers), Mina Starsiak and Karen E. Laine (Good Bones) and Dave and Kortney Wilson (Masters of Flip).

Until Beyoncé officially introduces her new born twins to the world, Drew and Jonathan Scott, aka The Property Brothers, are now America’s favorite twins. The brothers are the hosts of HGTV’s hit shows “Property Brothers,” “Buying and Selling” and “Brother vs Brother.” The Scotts have been in Nashville for nearly three months, shooting two of their shows, which has resulted into a total of 17 full renovations. And if that’s not enough, they’re also working on a memoir which will be released in September.

In person, the brothers are a “tall drink of water,” so to speak. But they’re exactly what the public enjoys about them — fun, personable and always joking with each other. The Tribune asked The Property Brothers Five Questions about working in Nashville and some other interesting topics.

TRIBUNE: I understand that you guys have been in Nashville for several weeks, or I guess months now, taping new shows. What’s it been like working in Nashville?  P. BROTHERS: “Oh, it’s been amazing. I mean, we’ve been coming to Nashville for six years now.  We hosted the main stage for CMA Music Fest.  It’s been amazing. So, it’s always open arms, same with the music that we released over the last two years. It’s been open arms from all the country music artists in town, and I absolutely love that. Lots of love here.” P. BROTHERS: (Drew) “Well, we actually don’t have a house here yet. but we’ve been looking. But my fiancé and I just got a place in LA, so we are doing a show in true brother fashion. We’re renovating that place. It’s going to air sometime in November, so people can actually see our new place in LA, which is kind of fun.’

TRIBUNE: Do you guys ever go back often and visit some of your previous clients from the show? P. BROTHERS: “Many of them have become friends, and the funny thing is, when we go back, some of the houses we’ll go back a couple months later and they’re toast, the kids have knocked things over, or spilled something on the floor. Others, we’ll go back a year later, and not a single thing has been touched. It’s like a museum, everything is perfectly the way we left it…I like those kinds of shows.”

TRIBUNE:  I enjoy all of your shows. But I especially like Brother vs Brother. P. BROTHERS: Right now, Brother vs Brother is airing some shows we shot in Galveston, Texas this season. We wanted to challenge ourselves. We’ve never renovated waterfront property. This has a lot of excitement. The ‘before and afters are mind-blowing.”

TRIBUNE:   I know that you mentioned the LA renovation show, but is there anything in any other countries you guys might be coming up with soon? P. BROTHERS: “Not yet. We’re always thinking because we have a huge fan base in Latin America and Brazil. We’re Scottish, with a lot of family and everything over in Scotland. So, we’ve said, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to go back and renovate a castle in Scotland? Re-doing a Scottish castle would be the ultimate reno.”

TRIBUNE: Are there other cities coming up soon that you guys are going to go and invade their city? P. BROTHERS: (Jonathan) — Not yet. After we leave here, we’re in LA filming, Drew in his honeymoon home, and then after that, we’re taking our first vacation in probably ten years, for like a month long.  I’m going to Africa, Drew and his fiancé are going to be there at the end of the month as well. We’re then going to Scotland. And then after that we’re heading to Toronto for three months, and then we may come back to Nashville next year because it’s been so successful.”