UBTECH’s ADIBOT-A UV-C sanitizing robot.

By Ashley Benkarski

NASHVILLE, TN — Attendees of the American Association of School Administrators’ (AASA) National Conference on Education were greeted with various exhibitors at the Music City Center Feb. 17-19, including UBTECH, an L.A.-based robotics firm.

The company showcased its ADIBOT UV-C sanitizing robot it deemed as “the long-term solution for clean schools during and after COVID-19.”

With nearly one-fifth of the nation’s population in a school setting every day, and with many absences being due to illnesses such as the flu, UBTECH Senior Vice President John Rhee said the ADIBOT technology was a hit at the conference.  

The robots operate with hospital-grade technology—a UV-C Light Disinfection System—that inactivates 99.9 percent of all viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, influenza and MRSA without the use of toxic chemicals, the company said. 

The machines are already being used to disinfect classrooms, offices, medical facilities and large convention centers nationwide. 

The use of ADIBOT reduces the risk of prolonged exposure to dangerous chemical disinfectants and reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections, said Rhee.

The use of those chemicals and the residue they leave behind can cause adverse respiratory infections and make existing conditions such as asthma worse, he added.

Further, Rhee noted ADIBOT is a sort of assistant to custodians, as it can do the disinfection work after the last human in the building goes home, limiting exposure to viruses and lightening the workload.

The robots are available as a stationary (ADIBOT-S) or an autonomous (ADIBOT-A) option, with the latter using simultaneous location and mapping (U-SLAM) technology to navigate and clean single or multiple-floor plans.

Simply put, U-SLAM technology allows the computer to map unknown environments using sensors, allowing it to navigate spaces it’s been programmed to clean.

For more information on UBTECH visit ubtrobot.com.