Herb Washington

WASHINGTON, D.C.–According to a news advisory Herb Washington, the African American Sports hero who built the largest McDonald Franchise in America (27 stores), will fill a civil rights lawsuit on Tuesday 2/16/21 charging the restaurant giant with targeting him for speaking out publicly about its unfair treatment of black owners. To make things worse, they are taking his stores away from him and handing them to over white owners.

A champion sprinter at Michigan State, and an A’s player who helped his team win a World Series, and most recently one of the great black American business success stories of all time, is refusing to be broken and silenced by McDonalds.
Though other lawsuits have been filed by black McDonald’s franchise owners, Herb Washington is a national Icon both in the McDonald’s world and the bigger universe of America’s black business success stories.
Planned speakers on Tuesday include Herb Washington, The Reverend Jesse James, and attorneys from the law firm Peifer Wolf Carr Cane and Conway, which is handling the Washington lawsuit.