Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, AKA Sorority International President

CHICAGO, IL — Decrying the forcible separation of immigrant children from their parents at the Mexico border, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s International President Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson urged the Trump administration to immediately end the practice and reunite the families.

“The United States has been viewed as a beacon of light and hope for huddled masses in its 246 years of existence,” said Buckhanan Wilson. “Splitting up families because they dared for freedom and a better life is wrong. Putting children in cells that amount to a jail sentence is wrong. This needs to stop now.”

President Wilson also asked the more than 300,000 members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.®, to write their members of Congress and the White House to force a halt in the separations and to reunite the families immediately.

In recent weeks, numerous reports have increased that immigration officials at the U.S. southern border are cracking down on illegal entry into the country. As a result, men and women who attempt to cross are turned back, including people who are fleeing from brutal dictators and are seeking asylum. However, their minor children are taken away, and placed in cells at detention centers in states such as Texas, New Jersey and Florida.

In one instance, CNN reported that a Honduran mother’s child was “forcibly taken away while breastfeeding.” News organization ProPublica released audio from one of the detention centers where young children are heard crying out for mami and papi. In the audio, the cries of the children are unmistakable and heartbreaking.

“We’ve just celebrated two holidays that honor families – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It is hypocritical to honor our families while tearing apart others,” Buckhanan Wilson said. “The cries of those children represent the cries of a nation that weeps for a bad policy and an even worse practice. Forcible separation of immigrant children from their families must stop and we urge all Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members to let their voices be heard on this important matter.” Contact your Members of Congress and urge immediate action to reunify families and children.