l-r; Amos Otis, Dr. Glenda Glover, TSU President and Brenda Otis

NASHVILLE, TN — In July of 2018, Amos and Brenda Otis made a commitment to build an Alumni Welcome Center.  This Center will be the first privately funded building gifted to Tennessee State University as well as the first building to be funded by alumni.

Amos and Brenda Otis are partnering with TSU to ensure an innovative and functional facility where alumni and students will come together, along with others in the campus community and beyond, to engage in collaborative thought relevant work and meaningful service. The Alumni Welcome Center will include multi-use meeting and gathering spaces as well as offices and creative workrooms, for hosting a variety of educational and entrepreneurial programs.  The great room and café will provide opportunities for social and civic will provide opportunities for social and civic interactions, and areas for displaying alumni achievement and University history. The rooftop terrace and observation deck will offer inspirational views of the campus (including Homecoming parades) for generations to come.