Tulsa, OK (July 26, 2021) — Today, the Tulsa Chapter of Black Connect announced the 4 entrepreneurs who will present their start-up business in the first round of Black Connect’s annual pitch competition, FeverPitch. The competition will stream live on Blackconnect.org on July 29, 2021 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm. CT. Online voting will take place during the event and viewers will decide the winner.

FeverPitch is a national initiative curated by Black Connect that provides a platform for Black entrepreneurs and business owners across all industries and in all stages of development to gain insight from and exposure to venture capitalists and potential investors, community and corporate leaders, executives, seasoned and successful entrepreneurs and professionals, potential customers and more.

FeverPitch 2021 will be held in two rounds of virtual competition – local and national. The Tampa, Tulsa, and New York City Chapters of Black Connect will each host a local FeverPitch in their respective cities. The winners of the local competitions will win a $2,500 business grant and advance to the national competition in October along with two wildcard entries that will be selected from around the country to compete for a $10,000 business grant.

“As the United States observes the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, we are excited to contribute to the legacy our historic Greenwood District and the spirit of Black Wall Street by providing an opportunity to highlight and support Black entrepreneurs in Tulsa who are often excluded by the stringent rules that govern many pitch competitions,” added Tyler Jackson, President of the Tulsa Chapter of Black Connect.

Entries were submitted from the Greater Tulsa Area. Finalists were determined by viability, presentation, innovation, readiness, and impact. This year’s finalists represent a wide variety of industries, experiences, and backgrounds.

The 4 Tulsa Finalists and their businesses are:
Leon Fowler – Founder of Emfluencer
Unity James – Founder of You Got the Juice
Courtney Hill – Founder of Level Up Facial Bar
Billie Parker – Founder of Black Wall Street Market
Learn more about the finalists and their businesses online at:

For more information on FeverPitch 2021 and to enter the competition visit blackconnect.org/feverpitch-2021. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact feverpitch@blackconnect.org to inquire. To join Black Connect and start a local chapter in your area visit blackconnect.org/local-chapters.