Bishop Frederick Barr and his wife, Dr. Erica Barr

NASHVILLE, TN — Bishop Frederick Barr, the colorful Nashville pastor making national noise with his “Black Santa” music video, served as a real-life Santa when he distributed food boxes for the needy, December 19 and 20 at Life Church International, 620 Brentwood East Drive in Nashville.

The “Black Santa” music video features Hip Hop star, Derek Minor, who is best-known for songs such as “Ready Set Go” and “Change the World.” The humorous clip is in rotation on the video channel, BET JAMS, and it also features Barr’s wife, Dr. Erica Barr.  

“I wanted to write and sing a song that spoke directly to my beliefs and experiences of Christmas in my community,” says Barr. “It’s important for me to be able to identify with one of the most important events of all time. Our Savior coming into the world to save all mankind and the celebration of his birth. Thereby I relish the opportunity to celebrate all cultures as well as mine as we join in with Black Santa.” Listening link:

A native of Pontiac, MI, Barr has been preaching since the age of twelve. He is the founding pastor of the LIFE Church which has campuses in Nashville, Los Angeles and Pontiac. For a dozen years, he’s also owned a successful mobile hot dog stand. Earlier this year, he opened Barr’s Music City Soul Food which has quickly become the in-demand eating spot in Nashville. Barr is making a name for himself with his novelty songs such as 2015’s viral hit “$2 Dollar Hot Dog $1 Dollar Water” and “Paper” which made the rounds in 2019.