Nashville International Airport

NASHVILLE, TN — Nashville International Airport (BNA) is providing the following update in reference to the announcement of the first case of the coronavirus in Tennessee. As reported by medical professionals, the affected person displayed no symptoms of the virus until several days after his arrival at BNA.

The President and CEO of BNA, Doug Kreulen, is honored that Governor Lee appointed him to the Coronavirus Task Force to enhance Tennessee’s coordinated efforts to prevent, identify and treat potential cases of COVID-19. This task force will develop and execute additional precautionary measures and emergency response plans for Tennessee.

Meanwhile, BNA continues to implement a 24-hour / 365-day cleaning protocol that complies with CDC guidelines. Additionally:

Restrooms are closed every two hours for cleaning and disinfecting of all touchpoints, using an EPA-approved cleaning agent with designated materials. 

Hand sanitizers (62% alcohol) are located outside each restroom and the security checkpoint, and are refilled every two hours.

Airline gate areas are cleaned after the last flight, as well as routinely throughout the day.

Ventilation systems are cleaned on a defined schedule. 

Cleaning staff wear disposable medical gloves.

Furthermore, BNA’s cleaning contractor has implemented a nationwide training program which follows CDC guidelines.  The newly developed training guide addresses proper cleaning procedures and identification of travelers with flu-like symptoms.

It should also be noted that all airlines have established protocols for employee practices, disease identification and cleaning of aircraft after each flight.  These programs include an enhanced cleaning process if symptomatic passengers are identified during or immediately after a flight. 

BNA remains in frequent contact with officials from the CDC and Metro and State Health Departments.  BNA also relies on the expertise of Dr. Corey Slovis, Medical Director and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt.  Dr. Slovis was instrumental in the development of BNA’s Communicable Disease Response Plan for Preventing the Introduction, Transmission and Spread of Communicable Diseases into the US.  The airport Department of Public Safety first-responders are well-equipped to act immediately in medical emergencies.  All airport team members have received the CDC prevention guidelines.

BNA stands ready to implement any additional operational changes as directed by medical authorities should that become necessary, and encourages the public to follow the prevention advice from the CDC such as thorough and frequent hand-washing, avoiding contact with anyone who is sick and covering nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.