National–Rev. Betty Whitted Holley, Ph.D., was elected today to serve as Chair of the Commission on Accrediting for The Association of Theological Schools. The Commission on Accrediting oversees the accreditation of schools across the United States and Canada. She is the Academic Dean, Director of the Master of Divinity Degree Program, and Full Tenured Professor of Ecological Theology at Payne Theological Seminary, Wilberforce, OH. 

Dr. Holley received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Bennett College; a Master of Education (M.Ed.) and an Education Specialist Degree (Ed. S) from the University of North Carolina; the Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Payne Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. from Union Institute and University in Cincinnati. Dr. Holley comes to this role well-prepared. She has chaired several accreditation visiting teams and been on dozens of visits. She was a member of the Redevelopment Task Force that developed the 2020 Standards that are presently being used to accredit/reaccredit our member schools, and she has served as vice-chair of the Board of Commission on Accrediting.