Chris Callaway

By Ms. June

NASHVILLE, TN — With so many elections bombarding the citizens of Nashville in the year 2018, Christina “Chris” Callaway shows up as a breath of fresh air, balance and consistency in the middle of Nashville’s myriad of political potpourri.  Businesswoman and educational advocate Callaway has a desire to address gaps unlike any other political candidate in her quest for the coveted State Senate seat representing what she calls the “disconnected” District 19.

She hails as the “Common Sense Candidate” with a plan for educational pathways for parents and students in Davidson County starting as early as Elementary School.  Mrs. Callaway has been the Dean of the Brooks academy for nearly 15 years and understands that early planning, supplemental programs and freedom of choice in a child’s education increases the chances of success.  Her experience and expertise in the educational sector has paved the way for programs that not only increase learners test scores, but lead to attractive retention and graduation rates. 

After polling the precincts and serving the community tirelessly she secured the required petitions and support from the community to run as an Independent with her name rightfully on the General Election ballot.  Mrs. Callaway stated that, “I am in touch with the major problems that plague our communities.”  She further stated that, “I am running for the people and their problems, not for a party.”  As a parent herself, Mrs. Callaway recognizes that family, business and community challenges are different today, than in the previous decade. 

When asked what is unique and specific about her vision for District 19, Mrs. Callaway stated “I provide a three-tier approach that focuses on education, strong local business communities and quality healthcare.”  The call to run for public office cannot elude Callaway any longer because of her willingness to ask questions, find solutions and engage in civil discourse regardless of any present differences. 

According to Callaway, “Balance is the key to establishing career trade and college based curriculum in Middle and High Schools as a bridge for the ready-to-work initiative.”  Her experience as a lifelong business consultant can provide an effective blueprint to supplement business taxes in order to create quality healthcare incentives.  She is a federally certified health program professional with licensure in all 50 states and is an expert that can create transparency in the cost of health services so citizens can adequately budget for their non-emergency healthcare. 

Billed as a triple threat with education, business and healthcare experience, Chris Callaway is confident that her platform for the citizens of District 19 and Davidson County is innovative and goes against the traditional “political rhetoric.”  Her vision, instead, puts people first, highlights the value of higher education and planning that includes high level parental engagement, a focus on quality healthcare and the overall encouragement to participate in democracy.