NASHVILLE, TN — Sen. Heidi Campbell, the Democratic nominee in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, issued a statement this morning upon learning news that one-term president Donald Trump took to Truth Social to endorse MAGA Republican Andy Ogles — Trump’s second choice in the race.

“After spreading Donald Trump’s election lies and defending his brazen conspiracy to overthrow the will of the people, Andy Ogles is getting his pat on the head,” Campbell said. “In Congress, Ogles can’t be trusted to put our families ahead of his idol Donald Trump.

“On November 8, Tennesseans are going to send a message that saving our democracy, delivering for our families and protecting our freedom is more important than blind allegiance to a one-term, wannabe dictator,” Campbell said. 

 This is Donald Trump’s second endorsement in this race. In January, Trump issued a statement endorsing Morgan Ortagus, who was ultimately booted from the GOP primary ballot. 

 Campbell added, “Andy Ogles wasn’t even Donald Trump’s first choice. He shouldn’t be yours.”

Background: Andy Ogles would ‘slash the FBI’ for Trump

• Following the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago, Andy Ogles blasted the federal law enforcement agency, tweeting “#FBICorruption.”

• Federal authorities warned of an increase in threats to law enforcement officials following the Mar-a-Lago search, no doubt fomented by irresponsible rhetoric against the FBI.

• Additionally, Ogles told right-wing podcaster John Fredericks that he would “slash” the FBI budget. “It’s time for this next Congress, uh, you think about the 87,000 agents added to the IRS. We’ve got to slash their budget and we have to slash the FBI and we have to teach them a lesson.” [John Fredericks Show, 1:19:30, 8/10/22]

• This isn’t Ogles’ first time shilling for Trump. In speeches, Ogles will spread Trump’s lies about the 2020 election. “They have an agenda and they do and will steal an election… Do I think it was stolen? Yes. Can I prove it? No.” [YouTube, 13:39, 5/11/21]

• In September, two national media outlets, Bloomberg News and ABC New’s FiveThirtyEight, featured Andy Ogles for spreading Trump’s election lies.