Business Insider–Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio was arrested by Capitol Police Thursday afternoon after leading a demonstration advocating for voting rights at a Senate office building.

Beatty, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, spoke outside the Capitol calling for the passage of the For the People Act — which is focused on expanding voting rights — as well as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Photos of her arrest were posted on Beatty’s Twitter with the caption: “Let the people vote. Fight for justice.”

“I stand in solidarity with Black women and allies across the country in defense of our constitutional right to vote,” Beatty said in a statement in response to her arrest. “We have come too far and fought too hard to see everything systematically dismantled and restricted by those who wish to silence us.”

“Be assured that this is just the beginning,” the congresswoman continued. “This is Our Power, Our Message.”

US Capitol Police said in a statement that nine people were arrested “for demonstrating in a prohibited area on Capitol Grounds.” Beatty’s arrest was not specified in the statement.

“At approximately 3:30pm, the United States Capitol Police responded to the Atrium in the Hart Senate Office Building for reports of illegal demonstration activity,” they said. “After officers arrived on the scene, they warned the demonstrators three times to stop.”