John Ray Clemmons, Nashville mayoral candidate

NASHVILLE, TN — Recently, the Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee formally endorsed Rep. John Ray Clemmons to be Nashville’s next mayor. The Central Labor Council consists of more than 40 affiliated local unions and community organizations and represents over 20,000 working families in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. They are focused on ensuring dignity, respect, and fairness on the job and in our community. Regarding this endorsement, Rep. Clemmons released the following statement:

“It is a true honor to be endorsed by the Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. I sincerely appreciate all of the affiliates and members for their confidence, trust, and support. Our campaign is squarely focused on improving the quality of life of working families by providing opportunity and ensuring equity for all Nashvillians.

“While growing up on my grandparents’ farm, my family instilled in me a tireless work ethic and a sense of duty to help my neighbors. They never let me forget that every opportunity I had was the direct result of the vision and hard work of many others. I have carried these lessons with me into public service, and that is why I have always fought for working families. As the next mayor, I will continue this work and fight to provide all children with opportunity by fully-funding our public schools, improving our aging infrastructure systems, and addressing the affordability issues facing Nashville families.”  

Learn more about John Ray’s campaign at | Facebook: @clemmonsformayor | Twitter: @clemmons4mayor | Instagram: @clemmonsformayor