National–Did you know that 60% of eligible voters are never asked to register? Organizations 1000 Women Strong and partner When We All Vote, are working to fix that– and make sure that Black women are empowered to use their strong, passionate voices at the ballot box.

On this National Voter Registration Day, they are asking: are YOU registered to vote?


The midterms are just a couple short months away. From your local school board to the United States Senate, it’s important to vote in every single election. This is how we have an impact on the issues that affect our lives. And for Black women, men and all women and men this has never been more crucial.

1000 Women Strong is mobilizing against voter suppression, anti-choice movement, crippling student debt and more – and it’s time for us to reclaim our power. 

But in order to do that, you must make sure you’re registered to vote!