According to officials from the NAACP, Facebook continues to ignore the safety of the Black community on its platforms, and this negligence has led to the loss of innocent lives offline.

This week, the NAACP is fighting back.

The NAACP and its partner organizations in the Stop Hate for Profit coalition will be joining in a coordinated week of action on Instagram, demanding that its parent company, Facebook, take action to address racism, hate, and disinformation on its platforms.

NAACP will withhold from posting anything on its Instagram page for 24 hours starting today (Wednesday, September 16, 2020) and they are urging supporters to join them.

“We hope that you join us in this digital protest, and refrain from using the platform for 24 hours as well,” NAACP President Derrick Johnson said in a statement.

The statement says to support us in this action, please post the following message along with this image to all your social media platforms before you begin your Instagram freeze:

Facebook ignores hate & disinformation on their site. This is not an “operational mistake.” It is a deliberate decision to put profits over people and democracy.

That’s why I am “freezing” my Instagram for 24 hours. Join me.

Tell Facebook to #StopHateForProfit

To learn more about the Stop Hate for Profit campaign and access sample posts to spread awareness of this issue, click here.

“We can’t allow these large corporations to continue to take our communities for granted,” Johnson said. ”The time to act is now.”