NASHVILLE — The McDonald’s Corporation is being sued by Black current and former franchisees, employees and executives for decades of racial discrimination.

McDonald’s has denied the Black franchisees the same opportunities as White operators and continually steered them to economically depressed and dangerous areas where low-volume sales, high rent and operating costs guaranteed failure.

McDonald’s pretends it is a recruiter and developer of Black talent, but it profits from its Black consumer base and maintains a two-tier system that sent unsuspecting Black owners on “financial suicide missions” from which there was little chance of success.

Legendary Chicago organizer, Wallace “Gator” Bradley “The Urban Translator,” is calling on McDonald’s to use DON’T BE MCFOOLED “90-DAY PROTEST” as a tool to make things right, end the systematic racism that has denied Black franchisees equal opportunities and change the way it treats its Black employees

What: A community rally to hold McDonald’s accountable for its systematic racism and racial inequalities throughout the McDonald’s corporation (Franchisees to Suppliers to Employees to Advertising Firms to Philanthropic Organizations & Causes

McDonald’s Nashville Field Office 1801 West End Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Wallace “Gator” Bradley “The Urban Translator”
President of United in Peace, Inc.
McDonald’s Black franchisees (Current and Former) and Black Employees Concerned members of the Nashville community and Nationwide

April 22, 2021 (Earth Day)
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (central time)

Wallace “Gator” Bradley “The Urban Translator” (312) 371 – 6914 (Direct) LAGATORB4PEACE@YAHOO.COM (Email)