Hundreds attended rally in support of humankind.

By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — Hundreds of concerned citizens gathered on the lawn of the City County building to show solidarity and oppose the separation of children from their parents at the borders of the United States.

l-r; Claudia Caballero, Executive Director of Centro Hispano of East Tennessee and
Patricia Robledo with the City of Knoxville

The Families Belong Together rally was  sponsored by Allies of Knox Immigrant Neighbors (AKIN), Centro Hispano, Women’s March Coalition, and Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.

Those rallying heard riveting stories of the daily experiences of those living under fear of deportation and speeches of support. Among those speaking were Claudia Caballero, Executive Director of Centro Hispano and Country Commissioner Evelyn Gill who came out of the ongoing commission meeting to voice her

One of the many posters at the rally. Photos by Vivian Shipe

support of the rally.

Neo Nazi white supremacists attempts to disrupt the meeting were met by a human shield of rally attendees and posters held up to block their attempts to wave hate signs.

Attendees ranged from babies in strollers to elderly and disabled. The rally ended with the crowd singing This Land is Your Land.